The Story of Verbox

Verbox has gone through a number of transformations to become what you see today. The business is owned and operated by Thomas Thomson, a sound engineer from Melbourne Australia and has been building acoustic panels since 2017.

Tom originally studied Technical Production and Music Business to pursue a career in the music industry. He operated under the name TomTom Recordings from 2012 and cut his teeth with a number of live gigs and project band recordings around Melbourne.

During his career, like most audio engineers, he was driven to achieve the perfect sounding room. After months of research, he found a scarcity of affordable and effective products that were available on the market, so decided to take the plunge and make them himself. Soon others became very interested in what he had achieved, so TomTom Acoustics was born.

Business was constant and TTA moved from shed to shed selling mostly through the Facebook marketplace and groups to land sales. 2 years passed by and the business quickly became commonly known in the Melbourne scene. It has now taken its last transformation to become the commercially branded business you see today, Verbox.

“After months of research, he found a scarcity of affordable and effective products that were available on the market, so decided to take the plunge and make them himself.”

Verbox is now a fully operational manufacturing business located at a commercial warehouse in the heart of Coburg, Melbourne. They employ a handful of casual staff and outsource a number of related services such as installs and sound proofing. They offer a number of products for various applications and are continuing to expand their range to supply the exceeding demand for quality acoustic products.

During their short duration of existence, they have fitted out countless music and production studios, dance studios, restaurants, bars and other commercial spaces and have shipped their products all over Australia.

What makes Verbox unique

Verbox has birthed from the exceeding demand for affordable and effective acoustic treatment in Australia. Many competing companies are not locally based and produce products that are denser and thinner, which provide cheap global shipping rates, but compromises on performance.

Verbox does not compromise on quality and strives to get you the best sounding room at the lowest possible cost. We take pride in giving our customers extensive assistance when purchasing our products. We will happily give you advice on how to set up your room, how to get the best value for what you want to achieve and offer a variety of payment options.

Verbox also sources the majority of materials locally and manufactures everything in-house. We are 100% Australian owned and heeds to sustainable and ethically business operations where possible.

Why Controlling Sound is so Important

Acoustic absorption is essential in creating a controlled listening environment, whatever the application may be. Without treatment, a space can have long, unpleasant reverb times which will inevitably mask the original sound source.