PLEASE NOTE: Plus sizes no longer available. New polyester insulation now being used. Standard and Ultra sizes are filled all the way through (no air gap). No fabric on back instead has 2 pieces of plywood holding in inso and for better hanging options. Better performing products all round. Contact us if any concerns.
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V Panel - 12x Pack (15% off)

V Panel - 12x Pack (15% off)

$907.00 AUD $1,068.00 AUD


We only stock black in the warehouse and is our cheapest option. All other colours will take longer to build.

This pack provides adequate coverage for any medium-sized room with our sleek fabric wrapped panels. They come in a variety of colours and depths to suit any listening environment.

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Size Options

(100mm thick)

Minimal depth and maximum performance that doesn’t consume the space in your room. Suitable for mid ranged sound sources.

(150mm thick)

Most versatile and best value for money that boasts a broad absorption range and stackable design. Suitable for professional listening spaces.

(200mm thick)

Highest performing and freestanding design that achieves quality results that's necessary for critical listening spaces.


All materials are purchased on shore and support local businesses.


Manufactured right here in Melbourne.


What we don’t use, we recycle or give to businesses to reuse.


Install with no holes in the wall.

Verbox Uses Responsible Materials

At Verbox we believe in a supportive economy, so we purchase all of our products here in Australia. Even though overseas imports can be cheaper, we think it’s a small price to pay to keep the money circulating through Australia. Quality is generally much higher and is easier controlled on shore and benefits us all in the long run.