Bass Traps, Diffusers and much more!!

Oct 17, 2023

New products!!! This has been a very long time coming 😅😅

I am very excited to announce our whole new range of acoustic products, ranging from bass traps to diffusers to stands, services and more!

This was all meant to happen about a year a half ago until I had a flurry of illnesses prolonging the release of these products… and I know many of you have been asking and waiting a long time, so I do apologise and thank you for your patience.

I have been chipping away (along side my acoustic consultant - Tom Hutchens), fine tuning the designs, making sure they look great and are as effective as possible. Many of the items we have done testing for at our warehouse in Coburg. We will continue to do more testing as we roll these products out into new rooms to provide more detailed data sheets on these items. However we are VERY confident in the results we are getting thus far and look forward to helping many of you with bass issues you may be having in your room. From the testing we have done, we could still see differences in designs and was able to make a number of adjustments. We have already sold a handful to a few customers which have all provided fantastic feedback.

Some more info…
Our Traps have been our main point of attention.
Our V Trap is a MLV absorber targeted at around 50hz with a reasonably wide Q.
The Perf Trap is a sealed perforated box tuned to about 90hz and is our upper lows absorber.
Further more we have some binary diffusers which provide good low end absorption and high end reflections making them suitable for live rooms. We also have a classic-design QRD diffuser.

Binary Diffusers
There are also a new range of hang-kits and stands for every situation, as well as services such as installation, room testing and consulting. There will be more on this later.

Please check out all the hard work we have done and let us know if you have any questions. Website linked in our bio!

Thaaaaank you,

Also big cheers to Ed Thring for website design which many of you have already appreciated. We love it.