Responsible Materials

Sourced in Australia

At Verbox we believe in a circular economy, so we purchase all of our raw materials from local wholesalers here in Australia. Even though overseas imports can be cheaper, we think it’s a small price to pay to support local businesses where we can. Is also generally provides much shorter wait times and higher quality products to our customers.


As mentioned, all of our materials are purchased from businesses in Australia, however due to affordability and availability, not all of them are manufactured locally. There are four main materials we use in all our products. They are; Plywood (frames and diffusers), MDF (frames), Polyester Insulation (core absorber) and Acoustic Fabric (coverings).

Detailed Information

Plywood: Sourced from a local supplier and manufactured overseas. Has FSC certification.
MDF: Sourced and manufactured from a local supplier. Has FSC certification.
Insulation: Made mostly from recycled plastic. Sourced and manufactured from a local supplier. Some raw materials might come from overseas
Acoustic Fabric: All sourced from a local supplier. Some manufactured overseas, some manufactured locally.

Recycle and Reuse

We prioitise efficiency and minimal wastage over profit when it comes to product design and business operations. Any materials that can't be salvaged are either reused by other businesses (fabric for making bags, saw dust for burning kilns etc) or recycled through the proper channels to ensure minimal waste is sent to landfill.


With the right handling and care, our products should last a lifetime. They are built to exceptional standards using the highest quality materials. They are designed simply and efficiently to benefit our customs as much as possible.

Safe to use

All of our materials are hazardous free, come with an E0 rating (no omitting emissions) and are considered extremely safe to use. Whether you find yourself in a confined studio space, or crowded venue covered with a number of our products, we can ensure the safety and longevity of our products.

Most acoustic panels on the market if made from condensed glass or rockwool which can omit hazardous odors and fibers. The core absorber we use in all our products is a polyester insulation which emits no odors nor breathable fibres and is 100% allergy free. There is no safer product on the market today.