Hotel Westwood, reborn.

May 15, 2021

Formerly known as ’The Reverence’, the west's only real pub styled music venue, was sadly closed a few years ago until it had recently been purchased by the owners of Cherry Bar and Yah Yahs. Being spruced up inside and out, has now been reborn, just intimate post covid, as Hotel Westwood. Along with all this sprucing the owners wanted to completely relook at the acoustics (or complete lack of) in the main band room. We were contacted by the production manager Dan Caswell, who had already bought some panels off me in the past, to come look at the space. Apparently there was some real concern with the room, which was commonly known about in the music scene. brick walls, low ceiling and literally zero treatment.

Outside Hotel Westwood

We came in and looked at the space, before and after lockdowns, and got a gauge of how far they wanted to take it. To my slight surprise they wanted to take it all the way. We were very excited to hear this, purely for the fact that it was amazing to see a music venue take sound quality so seriously, and I was dying to hear what it sounded like post treatment. This ‘all the way’ approach included 12x large format panels on the ceiling and 8x on the walls, all in our thickest model. The space was completely transformational. Super tight, no echo and we could force the system to LOUD without overdoing it.

Dan and the owners were super happy with the results and as were we. A few months later we booked in to see a band name Zoe Fox and the Rocket Clocks (one of my favourites). The sound was impressive. Even though the mix was a bit off, the drums and guitars sounded extremely full with plenty of depths and detail. We will have to experience a variety of genres in the room but from first and second impressions, we are very proud of what we achieved.