King Gizz, well treated.

May 15, 2021

About two years ago we were contacted by an Audio Engineer by the name of Michael Badger. Badger is a well known guy in the Melbourne music scene and I had already heard his name mentioned from various bands that I knew. He wanted me to drop by his personal studio, as well as King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizards studio in Brunswick East as he is one of their recording engineers. We were super excited to meet Badger and the Gizz boys as I was already a big fan of their music.

King Gizz had a large space with a seperate control room that they had just built. The main goal was to treat the control room, but to be able to have the arrangement flexible when it came time for recording. They purchased a large number of our thickest framed panels and had heaps of fun trying them out for the first time as it was the first time they had any proper treatment. When they were recording they would move the panels into the rehearsal space and isolate the microphones by stacking the panesl around the place. When it came to mixing, they would simply move them back into the control room.

Unfortunately we never got any photos of this space as COVID happened and then they moved to a new location in Northcote.

A few months later we were contacted by Cavs (drummer) and Joe (guitarist) that both wanted to treat their home studios. This seemed important timing for them as it was mid covid and the guys were doing a lot of remote rehearsing so needed some treatment for that. Cavs home studio in the first pictured below.

Just as Melbourne was opening up again, the guys contacted us yet again for some upgrades to their new space. Similar in size to the last with a slight different arrangement and a few more rooms. The main space was the immediate concern as it, quote-on-quote from Stu (guitarist/ring leader) “sounds like a swimming pool”. We had literally just started making our large format panels that were 4x the original size so recommended they go with those.

The large format panels are suited for large spaces such as schools, bars etc as they are better bang for buck covering large areas. So we supplied the guys with six Plus thickness style panels which they installed on the ceiling. A few weeks later we dropped by, said Hi to the guys and grabbed some shots of the space. They seemed happy with the results and are still making killer records, so they must be doing the trick ;)