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Ceiling Hang Kit
Ceiling Hang Kit

Ceiling Hang Kit

$15.00 AUD

Purchase 1x kit per panel.

Our ceiling hang kits are designed for easy installation directly into plaster sheeting, no stud finding is needed. For the Plus and Ultra sizes, the spring toggles are recommended.

4x screw hooks and plaster screws (or spring toggles), chains, and saddles with screws.

Step-by-Step Guide


Please note that ceiling clouds should first be placed at the first reflection points and the centre of the panel should be at about ear height of the listening position. See ‘Room Setup’ for more information.

  1. Drill a 3mm pilot hole into the plaster (10mm hole for spring toggles).

  2. Screw the plaster screw into the hole at a high speed until the thread catches the plaster then slowly screw in the rest of the way until flush with the ceiling. (Unscrew the spring toggle almost all the way and push through the hole until you hear it click outwards.)

  3. Screw the screw hook into the plaster screw. Don’t over screw as it can strip a hole in the plaster (Tighten up the spring toggle until tight against ceiling).

  4. Repeat for each corner.

  5. Thread the chain through the saddle and screw directly onto the back of the frame, straddling each corner.

  6. Hook the chains onto the hooks on one end first and then the other.

The whole length from the ceiling to the back of the panel is about 100mm. If you would like a longer chain, please let us know.

If you would like someone to install the panels for you, please contact us.

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