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Acoustic Absorption Blanket 48kg/m3 (5x pack)

Acoustic Absorption Blanket 48kg/m3 (5x pack)

$649.00 AUD

The Acoustic Absorption Blanket is a highly popular choice for general acoustic treatment of large spaces. It’s a high quality, broadband frequency absorber made from a high density, 100% allergy and irritant free polyester acoustic blend. They are designed to minimise room reflections and reverberation in a space to create a more controlled listening environment. 
The blankets can easily be screwed into surfaces using long screws and washers, or simply be glued onto surfaces with a contact adhesive. They can also be cut down to size with a box cutting knife.

We can also offer custom sizes, thickness and densities options for orders larger than 200m2.
Thickness range: 25-100mm
Density range: 10-48kg/m3
Colour options: Black and White

Please contact us to get a quote on these options.

Suitable for:
Home and professional recording studios, rehearsal rooms, HIFI rooms and home theatres, podcasters, restaurants, bars, cafes, dance studios, classrooms, boardrooms and similar environments.

Matte black exposed polyester insulation.

(5x) 2400x1200x50mm (+/- 3mm)

Tapers off approx. 350Hz. NRC: 0.75

7kg per sheet


Calculate your room volume (LxWxHm) to match the recommendations below. Please note this guide is general as varying surfaces areas and room use may need to be factored in. Contact us for a free consultation if unsure.

40m3 = 4x blankets
50m3 = 5x blankets
60m3 = 6x blankets 
70m3 = 7x blankets
80m3 = 8x blankets

Wait times: We generally keep stock of up to 14x packs at any given time and can deliver within a week. Larger orders may take up to 2 weeks.

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The AAB is much the same as our Raw Panel but 4x times larger providing a much better bang for buck’ ratio. They are a great solution for those needing to treat larger areas such as halls, schools, home theatres, restaurants and bars where the treatment can be mostly out of sight.

The Autex Acoustic Blanket is a highly popular choice of treatment in the audio community. Its presentable ‘off the shelf’ appearance and highly effective performance means it’s a quick and easy solution for a wide variety of acoustic environments. They are relatively light weight and can be fixed to surfaces with the use of large washers and screws or contact adhesive. Sheets can also be glued together to make a thicker, more effective product.

Fire Retardant

Fire retardant cotton drill fabric and core poly insulation suitable for commercial and residential applications.

Responsable manufacturing

Made mostly from recycled or natural materials and are all locally sourced. Made in Melbourne.

Commonly Used

Designed to minimise reverb times over a broad range of frequencies.

When looks aren’t everything

When aesthetics aren’t critical in a space, you will get more bang for buck of performance with the Autex Acoustic Blankets. The blankets have a neat, basic finish which are generally not preferred for direct line of sight, but is perfect for ceiling placement, especially those with rafters or other extrusions.

Cost efficiency

The Autex Acoustic Blanket is our MOST cost effective option for treating a space and gives you a lot better value for many when treating larger areas.

Versatile use

The Autex Acoustic Blanket can be used in any space that requires general echo reduction and can be attached to any surface area. Double up the blankets to enhance their low end performance.

*This data is supplied by the manufacturer.

We offer a wide range of products to suit a variety of listening environments. To best help you decide what you need, the simplest way is to email us ( with the following information.

  • Photo’s, room dimensions and details of the surfaces areas

  • Your ideal budget

  • Your location (will effect recommendation if not in Melbourne)

  • What the room is being used for

  • Any preference of colour or panel style (fabric wrapped/framed)

  • In need of installation or not

  • Room test data (waterfall graph etc) if you have it - not essential

With this information, we can provide a general recommendation for your room. Depending on your budget, location and your confidence with the process, we may offer a free site visit. Although we do recommend when possible for us to come out and test your rooms frequency response to get a more detailed assessment of your room. You can purchase this in the services section under ‘Room test and analysis’.

We also offer a range of packages under the ‘Packages’ section. These are discount packs to suit most small, medium and large rooms.

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