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Consulting (hourly rate)

Consulting (hourly rate)

$169.00 AUD

This service is for those who have a unique project in mind that requires professional acoustical advice. We charge a project fee based on time (hourly rate) which includes all time contributed to the project including emailing, phone calls, video calls, site visits and travel time.

Your project may include:
  • Studio builds or refurbishment
  • Sound proofing an existing space
  • Integrating acoustic treatment into walls and ceilings
  • Studio design and layout to optimise the sound system response
  • Separation and acoustic privacy between offices, meeting rooms and the like
  • Acoustical room design for use with video conferencing or podcasting use

Our consultant is experienced within the commercial construction industry and specialises in:
  • Room acoustic design for critical listening, performance and recording spaces
  • Noise control from building services (i.e. ventilation and air conditioning systems)
  • Separation (noise isolation) – Typically involving the design of wall, floor, ceiling partition systems to minimise noise transmission between enclosed spaces of a building

Please note: Minimum charge is 3 hours.

You must contact us first us at for a consultation questionnaire and free quote before purchasing this service.

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Detailed approach

Get the most out of your project with a professional and experienced acoustic expert.

Hassle free

Save yourself the trouble and time investing in learning the intricacies of room acoustics.

Complex tasks

Ability to solve involved and onerous acoustical issues.

Advice for any project

From studio builds to room isolation to acoustical design, if its audio or acoustic related, we can help. Our consultant has several years of experience in the industry and specialises in room acoustics.

Most of the time it’s not necessarily about spending lots of money to achieve the best results; in many cases, it’s about maximising the budget you have available.

Get it right the first time

If you are serious about your project, it’s best to get the right advice first. With so much information and often conflicting advice out in there in the world, it’s easy to get it wrong. We’ve seen it happen it before, people have invested time, effort and have stretched their budget to the limit with the end result being less than desirable and, in some cases, unusable!

Acoustic issues can be very difficult and costly to address at the end of the project, we firmly believe it’s about being armed with the right information and advice from the outset to make informed decisions whilst avoid common pitfalls.

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