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$199.00 AUD

Purchase this service if you require installation of your products. We charge in 2 hour blocks at $70/h (except if only 2 hours) and will vary depending on how many and which products you require, where they are being placed and the height of the ceiling.
Ceiling and wall/ceiling corners require more time than wall and other placements. The best way to know how many hours to purchase is to contact us first with the details and photos of your room first.

For basic setups with a standard low ceiling (2.5-3.2m), please see the table below (guide only).

Equal or less than:
6x wall & 2x ceiling or wall/ceiling = 2 hours
12x wall & 4x ceiling or wall/ceiling = 4 hours
16x wall & 8x ceiling or wall/ceiling = 6 hours
20x wall & 12x ceiling or wall/ceiling = 8 hours (full day)
24x ceiling or wall/ceiling = 1.5 days

All hang-kits are sold separately.

Please note: Pricing does NOT include travel time/delivery and will need to be selected at check-out. 

Also note: We can not install products on ceilings higher than 4.4m.

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Well experienced

Years of experience and the right tools for the job, Verbox gets your products installed neatly and efficiently.

Placement efficiency

In-depth knowledge of rooms acoustics and product placement to optimise your listening environment.


Affordable rates with an efficient installation process save our customers time and money.

Professional look and stress free

We have been installing our products in rooms since 2019 and have perfected the process. We use a number of levelling lasers to ensure all of our panels are perfectly even in any given space.

We also use wire detecting devices and related equipment for a safe and easy installation. Save yourself the trouble and money making all the mistakes many people do installing for the first time.

Every room is different

Every room is unique and requires a slightly different approach. So additional to providing a quick and professional installation service, we also know exactly where your products should go and can cater for the odd variations your room may have.

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