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RAW Panel

RAW Panel

$33.00 AUD

The Raw Panel is the raw (custom made) acoustic batt that is found in all Verbox products. It’s a high quality, broadband frequency absorber made from high density, 100% allergy and irritant free polyester insulation. They are a DIY and cheaper alternative to minimise room reflections and reverberation in a space.

Suitable for:
DIY home studios, rehearsal rooms, HiFi rooms and home theatres, podcasters, restaurants, bars, cafes, dance studios, classrooms, boardrooms and similar environments.

Raw white exposed polyester insulation.

48kg: 1190x570x45mm
20kg: 1190x570x90mm

48kg: Tapers off approx. 350Hz. NRC: 0.75
20kg: Tapers off approx. 300Hz. NRC: 0.90

48kg: 1.5kg
20kg: 1.2kg


Calculate your room volume (LxWxHm) to match the recommendations below. Please note this guide is general as varying surfaces areas and room use may need to be factored in. Contact us for a free consultation if unsure.

20m3 = 8x panels
30m3 = 12x panels
40m3 = 16x panels
50m3 = 20x panels
60m3 = 24x panels 

Wait times: We generally have an adequate supply of Raw Panels and can generally deliver within a week.

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The Raw Panel is our cheapest and simplest option for treating a space, when looks are not the priority. They can be used for a wide range of applications such as DIY studios or panel building, to public spaces and rehearsal rooms.

Without a frame or wrapped in any fabric, the Raw Panel is simply the custom made core absorber material thats found in most Verbox products. Given its size and density options, the Raw Panel is a completely unique product on the market today. It presents with a neat, basic finish and can easily be stuck on to surfaces with contact adhesive or other multi-use adhesives where applicable. Panels can also be stuck together with contact adhesive to make a thicker, more effective panel.

Fire Retardant

Fire retardant cotton drill fabric and core poly insulation suitable for commercial and residential applications.

Responsable manufacturing

Made mostly from recycled or natural materials and are all locally sourced. Made in Melbourne.

Commonly Used

Designed to minimise reverb times over a broad range of frequencies.

When looks aren’t everything

When aesthetics aren’t critical in a space, you will get more bang for buck in performance with the Raw Panel. The panels have a neat, basic finish which are generally not preferred for direct line of sight, but is perfect for ceiling placement, especially those with rafters or other extrusions.

Cost efficiency

Get the same high quality broadband absorption as our V Panes range, for a fraction of the cost. Double up the panels to enhance their low end performance.

Versatile Placement

From dimly lit bars to rehearsal rooms to studio builds, the Raw Panel can be used in a number of situations. With its low cost price, lightweight and flexible design, these panels can be stuck, stacked, stuffed in any possible position.

*This data is supplied by the manufacturer.

20kg/m3 (90mm)

Lower density polyester insulation that can be layered to target lower frequencies or used as a cheaper/lower performance alternative as a single layer.

48kg/m3 (45mm)

Very high density with a semi-rigid form. Highest performing at shallow depths and maximum efficiency used with 1-3 layers.

We offer a wide range of products to suit a variety of listening environments. To best help you decide what you need, the simplest way is to email us ( with the following information.

  • Photo’s, room dimensions and details of the surfaces areas

  • Your ideal budget

  • Your location (will effect recommendation if not in Melbourne)

  • What the room is being used for

  • Any preference of colour or panel style (fabric wrapped/framed)

  • In need of installation or not

  • Room test data (waterfall graph etc) if you have it - not essential

With this information, we can provide a general recommendation for your room. Depending on your budget, location and your confidence with the process, we may offer a free site visit. Although we do recommend when possible for us to come out and test your rooms frequency response to get a more detailed assessment of your room. You can purchase this in the services section under ‘Room test and analysis’.

We also offer a range of packages under the ‘Packages’ section. These are discount packs to suit most small, medium and large rooms.

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