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V Trap

V Trap

$249.00 AUD

The V Trap is a high reduction, low frequency resonant absorber with an effective range of approximately 40-80Hz, with a peak reduction centred at 50Hz.
From our latest and ongoing research, these are typical problematic room modes in spaces with dimensions ranging from 2.4-3.6m. This is directly related to the half-wavelength frequency of the room dimensions.

This product is suitable to treat low frequency energy which cannot effectively be controlled using standard acoustic panels.

Suitable for:
Critical listening spaces such as professional recording and production studios, mastering studios, and even high level listening spaces such as HIFI rooms and home theatres.

Framed: Plywood frame, fabric insert and sealed mdf backing
Fabric Wrapped: Fabric wrapped front and sides, sealed mdf backing

227x601x637mm (+/- 2mm)

Estimated 35 to 200Hz, centred at 50Hz, a dip at 100Hz. Wide Q


Calculate your room volume (LxWxHm) to match the recommendations below. Please note this guide is general as varying surfaces areas and room use may need to be factored in. Contact us for a free consultation if unsure.

30m3 = 8x traps
45m3 = 12x traps

60m3 = 16x traps

Wait times: Orders generally take between 1-2 weeks, sometimes longer depending on demand and supply levels. Please contact us first if you would like an ETA.

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True, targeted low end performance.

The V Trap is a fully enclosed box with a MLV (mass loaded vinyl) sheet on its face, and polyester insulation sealed inside. The traps peak performance (centred) are at 50Hz which is the most common problematic frequency for 3m room dimensions. They have a similar appearance to the V Panel range, has an exceptionally large Q and plays a large role in treating critical listening spaces in the low frequency range.
The V Trap comes as an exposed or fabric wrapped option, are made with a level high of precision and are designed to simply sit along the rooms perimeter allowing other products to be placed on top. This makes for a quick and damage-free installation but can also be wall mounted with our cleat hook hang kits.

Keep in mind the traps are most effective at room boundaries where the sound pressure of a given frequency is highest. Please check the AMROC calculator to find out what and where your rooms modes are to determine suitable placement. For a more accurate assessment, proper speaker placement and a treatment plan, please purchase our Room Test and Analysis service.

Note: It is worth considering that this guidance is general in nature as low frequency interactions are often complex in normal rooms.

Matched Design

Frame or fabric wrap finish options to match out V Panel range.

Damage Free Install

The V Trap can simply stand on the floor or be stacked against a wall.

Essential Product

Bass trapping is critical for professional mixing and mastering rooms. Most small rooms will have low frequency issues.

Fire Retardant

Fire retardant cotton drill fabric and core poly insulation suitable for commercial and residential applications.

Responsable manufacturing

Made mostly from recycled or natural materials and are all locally sourced. Made in Melbourne.

Professionally made

Handcrafted with years of experiences, Verbox products are presentable, effective and affordable.

True low end reduction

Strong and focused modal rings in a room distort our judgement of low frequency information. The perceptual effect of this is a smearing of transient information for instruments such as kick drums and bass guitars. The V Trap is specifically designed to tame these modal issues targeting this common frequency range.

Solid Construction

All of our Traps are made with a solid 18mm ply and mdf to ensure the unit does not resonate at higher frequencies and enables effective low frequency absorption.

Targeted approach

As the performance of most broadband treatment tends to taper off at around 100Hz, a targeted resonating absorber such as the V Trap provides a far higher amplitude reduction, diminishing strong and focused modal rings in a room.

Graph coming soon when we have more data

Black (different fabric to colours)

White (different fabric to colours)



French Navy







We offer a wide range of products to suit a variety of listening environments. To best help you decide what you need, the simplest way is to email us ( with the following information.

  • Photo’s, room dimensions and details of the surfaces areas

  • Your ideal budget

  • Your location (will effect recommendation if not in Melbourne)

  • What the room is being used for

  • Any preference of colour or panel style (fabric wrapped/framed)

  • In need of installation or not

  • Room test data (waterfall graph etc) if you have it - not essential

With this information, we can provide a general recommendation for your room. Depending on your budget, location and your confidence with the process, we may offer a free site visit. Although we do recommend when possible for us to come out and test your rooms frequency response to get a more detailed assessment of your room. You can purchase this in the services section under ‘Room test and analysis’.

We also offer a range of packages under the ‘Packages’ section. These are discount packs to suit most small, medium and large rooms.

Verbox products are made to an exceptionally high standard using very high quality materials. We use a heavy cotton drill (yet still breathable) fabric, polyester acoustic batts (custom made for Verbox and E0 emissions rating), structural ply and MDF boards (also E0 emissions rating) and use bracing on all of our products when necessary.

However, they are still subject to damage by in-proper use and care. So we suggest you take the following precautions.

  • Wipe fabric surfaces with a clean, damp, lint free cloth to remove any dust. Blowing with a blower or vacuuming is also fine but less efficient.

  • DO NOT hold products from the front fabric face as your fingers around the frame can stretch the fabric.

  • For products that have rear support bars: only hold from one end of the bars where they join the panel. DO NOT hold them from the middle as they can easily pull apart. They are only there for additional support and are structurally sound if used correctly.

  • Also for products with rear support bars: when DIY installing, you must use 2x hang points (screws) to hang from on the wall and they must be 500mm apart (Lite Panels are an exception and can be used with 1x screw if you wish). Hanging too close together or just from 1x screw will result in the bar pulling apart from the panel. Again, this is normal and is not an issue if used correctly. Refer to the ‘Step-by-step Guide’ on the ‘Wall Kit’ product page for more information.

  • Do not stack heavy items on V Panels as they are not designed to hold a lot of weight and it may sag the fabric. The V Trap and Perf Traps are an exception but just use common sense.

  • Keep all Verbox products in a dry, dust free space to avoid general wear and tear. Avoid moving and dragging fabric wrapped products on hard or rough surfaces as it will scuff the fabric and could potentially tear.

  • Avoid bumping or knocking ply framed products as the ply is softer than other woods and will mark easily.

  • Avoid puncturing V Traps and Perf Traps as they are designed to be completely sealed and will lose their effectiveness.

  • Avoid placing products in direct sunlight to avoid fabric fading.

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